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This website offers select mastery programs for authors, coaches, online marketers, professionals, solopreneurs, and others who wish to build a profitable business and a successful online presence. Programs immediately available or currently under development are listed on our 30 Day Formula Programs page (see menu above). Should enrollment for a program become filled, the listing will show as locked until enrollment opens again. Most programs have no enrollment limits.

30 Day Formula Programs

30 Day FormulaMany of our 30 Day Formula programs consist of a detailed introduction session, 28 days of focused lessons, and a completion or wrap-up session, for a total of 30 of what we like to call moments making up the complete experience of the topic.

Each of our 30 Day Formula programs offer in-depth mastery level instruction but are open to anyone who wishes to study. Email help and live tutoring is available with most programs.

Each of our programs always begins at the beginning, and works through the material in gradual daily steps. Your access to this site does not end after the specified number of days either. Your membership is unlimited so you may return to each course site at any time, as often as you need, to re-study those moments in the program you feel need your extra attention. You may also sign up for additional courses at any time to extend your learning.

Each of our programs is a complete experience, standing fully on it's own, however our programs are designed to also interleave with each of our other offerings so you can expand your experience and create a powerful and complete understanding of the material as a whole.

We also offer longer workshops, typically 3, 6, or 12 months in duration. Each of these is made up of 30 day segments with easy monthly pay-as-you-go arrangements. Check our Programs page (menu above) and find the right 30 Day Formula program to grow your business and enhance your success today!

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