About Our 30 Day Formula Programs

About Our 30 Day Formula Programs Content

Each of our 30 Day Formula programs is rich with solid content delivering the material you need for a mastery level understanding of the topic at hand. There is no fluff, no hype, and no skimping. Our goal is to deliver, indeed to over-deliver, a quality in-depth learning experience providing complete understanding.

Each program includes a mix of online written, visual, audio, and video materials, with downloadable worksheets, documents, reports, and ebooks for your reference and work offline. Additionally programs include one or more unannounced bonuses from basic ebooks to full multi-video training programs.

Available Program Contributors

A number of top ranking professionals in their fields have contributed to each of our programs. Masterfully edited and presented by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD. with original content created by him, additional writing, audio, video, and graphic work has been contributed by several others. While many of our contributors wish to remain anonymous, you would recognize names like Dougherty, Fleckenstein, Henry, Johnson, Lindrop, Loh, May, Ng, Robinson, Therrell and Walker among them.

Available Program Price

Many gurus price their programs almost to be unreachable for the average person. $5000.00, $1999.00, or even as "low" as $997.00 often mean you would have to give up much in order to participate. We understand this concept and it does mean you are seriously committed to the program. You have a lot riding on it. It's also great for the guru's wallet!

Our philosophy is different. We believe you should be committed to any 30 Day Formula program in which you enroll, but we don't believe it should be an unreasonable burden. We have set our pricing to reflect that; high enough to establish a sound commitment on your part, low enough to be generally affordable, while still being reasonable compensation for the hundreds of production hours that go into developing and presenting each of these programs.

Available Program Duration

Just as the name suggests, 30 Day Formula programs are designed to run for thirty consecutive days. Although you will get full access to all program material upon registration (we don't drip content here) we do suggest you take the program as designed, one day at a time. It takes time for the mind to work on the new material and, although you may work through it at your own speed, it is best not to take in more than you can really process at one time. Sleep on today's material and go on to the next section or moment tomorrow.

Our programs do, however, sometimes contain more information than you handle in a single day and you may run over time. That's okay. Just extend the program by as many days as you need to complete it. There is no mandatory end time for our programs and your access is long term. You may return at any time, and as often as you need or wish, to review, re-study, or continue with any program in which you are enrolled.

Available Program Bonuses

Some course developers offer a number of glittery bonuses to attract you to their programs and convince you to sign up. We believe the price and quality of our 30 Day Formula programs alone would suffice to convince you to enroll right now and so we don't list any bonuses on our program description pages. We want you to enroll in our programs because of the programs, not because of some glitzy bonuses.

That said, we're not scrooges. We do include bonuses in all our programs. We just don't promote or reveal them previous to enrollment. Students of our 30 Day Formula programs will find numerous bonuses among the program pages. Each of these bonuses adds to the value of the program, provides ancillary information or support to the topic at hand, and will also be available to the student should they elect to return later to partake in the bonus so as not to break the flow of the program itself.

The value of bonuses varies significantly and the total value of bonuses within any single program often exceeding the cost of the individual program itself. We work hard to bring you real value in all of our 30 Day Formula programs.

Available Program Philosophy

As part of the Our Hutch LLC. group of businesses, and a WizardsPlace Digital Learning Experience website, the 30 Day Formula concept embraces Wiz's "I Can" mission statement:

To give as much value as I can to as many as I can as often as I can for as long as I can!"

We trust you will find 30 Day Formula to be a valuable, and useful, professional resource which will bring you back to visit us again and again!

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