Does Your Content Have a Purpose?

Content is often considered an online business owner's primary resource. It drives traffic. It helps make a sale. It provides authority, credibility and liking - all buying triggers. It also helps you market your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners write their content without any direction or purpose in mind. (more…)

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Tips for Planning Your Content

As an online business owner, you know that content is one of the best tools you have. It drives traffic. It provides your audience with the value and information they seek. It also helps you market your business, products or services. Content is essential for online marketing success. You can achieve greater success if you take the time to plan your content.


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30 Day Formula Digital Learning Enterprise Is Live!

While, at the time of writing, we are not actually quite ready for prime time yet, and will not launch our first workshop for a number of days, 30 Day Formula is a reality and we continue to move forward. Our Digital Learning Enterprise (DLE) site is open for viewing partly so yo can see what's coming and partly to give the search engines a head start. If you know me at all you know I'm not a big advocate -- heck, not an advocate at all! -- of under construction signs or maintenance landing pages (more…)

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Hello World! Welcome To 30 Day Formula

Welcome to 30 Day Formula. 2015 is a year of change. You can embrace that change in just 30 days. That's right. Just 30 days from any starting point you choose. The key to that, of course, is choice. You chose to come to this website. You chose to read this. You can choose to leave or you can choose to continue. Whatever you choose, you will be the master of your own destiny. (more…)

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