How To Create Online Videos 30 Day Formula™ Digital Learning Experience

How To Create Online Videos

Do You Want To Create Online Videos?

So you are a small business owner, vlogger, or aspiring YouTube channel owner, who wants to make online videos? The only problem is, where should you start? What camera do you need? Do you need lights, a backdrop or tripod? What should you put in the video? And how on earth do you edit videos? Maybe you have tried making a video and the results were not what you expected. "Nope. There is no way that video is being uploaded to YouTube!"

There’s so much to learn and it can all seem overwhelming. Not to mention the valuable time it takes to trawl through all the video tips and advice online to find out what you do need to know.

What you need is just the basics. How to plan, shoot, edit and upload simple videos. And you want to learn that at a time that works for you from your desk or smartphone.

Well, I have some great news for you. In this course you will discover exactly that, the step-by-step basics; exactly what you need to know. Inside you will find three modules: planning, making and editing.

Module 1: Planning

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of online video
  3. What’s your goal?
  4. Who’s in your audience
  5. How to tell stories
  6. Planning your content
  7. How long should your videos be?v
  8. Scripting and storyboarding
  9. Don’t forget your call to action


Module 2: Making

  1. Introduction
  2. How to be a confident presenter
  3. How to light your video
  4. Choosing your backdrop
  5. Do you need a microphone?
  6. Which camera is best?
  7. Keeping your camera steady
  8. Making a video without a camera


Module 3: Editing

  1. Introduction
  2. Why edit your video
  3. Keeping track of files
  4. Which video editing software?
  5. Which video settings and formats?
  6. Uploading your video

30 Day Formula How To Create Online Videos

This is a video course, so you can learn at any time you want. There are worksheets to help you implement what you learn, too.

This course contains just what you need to get started with video-making. Nothing more and definitely no overwhelm!

So join us today!

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