Key To Course Content Icons

Course Content Emojis Course Content Icons 30 Day Formula™
Course content icons, or course content emojis as many are starting to call them, are the small images that show what features, modalities, and content types, are available as part of each 30 Day Formula™ course program presentation.
As shown in the image on the left, these course content icons are displayed near the bottom of each course selection card on the pages where they are displayed. Referring to the Key To Course Content Icons, displayed near the bottom of each page displaying course selection cards, you can determine which elements are included in each course.

Referenced within the course presentation itself, each section of the program will display the course content emoji or icon it relates to, helping you understand the association between that icon and the matching segment of course content.

As you progress through additional courses, these icons will become familiar guides leading you along your path of learning in the various sections of your chosen course.
Shown below is the full key to the course content emojis or icons. To the right, beside each image is the description of what it means. Each stylized icon relates to that meaning; ie: envelope for email, computer for downloadables, headset for audios, heart for bonuses, etc. We think these course content emojis or icons are good visual indicators of the nature of the available course content. Which term do you prefer for these images? We are starting to like course content emojis. I wish I knew who coined the phrase for us.

Key To Course Content Icons (Course Content Emojis)

Email Course Key Icon 30 Day Formula
Parts of this course will be sent to you by email over the first 30 days of your access to this course.
Course Key Icon: Print Text
One copy of the self-study text presented in this course may be printed for your personal use only.
Course Key Icon: Live Interaction
This course includes live online interaction with an instructor by Zoom or other live-streaming service.
Course Key Icon: Pre-Recorded
Previously recorded live-streamed supporting tutorial sessions are included for viewing with this program.
Course Key Icon: audio podcasts
This course includes one or more professional audio files which may be downloaded for your offline listening only.
Course Key Icon: Videos Animations
This course includes one or more professional video or animation files for your online viewing only.
Course Key Icon: Downloadable Files
This course includes ebooks, reports, charts, and/or other materials which may be downloaded for your own use.
bonus items
This course includes one or more extra bonus items, some of which may be downloaded for you personal use only.
A “Certificate of Completion” is available which may be displayed online or printed for your home or office.