Our 30 Day Formula programs include a number of key, unique, features that make them an easy, and yet powerful, way to learn. Whether working on your own, or with one or more family, friends, or business associates, you will find exciting information delivery wrapped in learning structures that guide your self-study and encourage your forward movement of the course or tutorial you have chosen. See below for more about our 30 Day Formula programs, self-directed courses, and tutorials.

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Learn More About Our 30 Day Formula Programs

About Our 30 Day Formula Programs Program Content

Each of our 30 Day Formula programs is rich with solid content delivering the material you need for a mastery level understanding of the topic at hand. There is no fluff, no hype, and no skimping. Our goal is to deliver, indeed to over-deliver, a quality in-depth learning experience providing complete understanding.

Available Program Contributors

30 Day Formula courses, tutorials, and other self-study programs have been created by a number of top ranking professionals in their fields. Currated, masterfully edited, and presented by Stephen B. Henry and Brett Koorstad, with original content created by them both.

Available Program Price

Our approach to pricing is different and, we believe, sound. You should be committed to any 30 Day Formula program in which you enroll, and having what is often called "skin in the game" helps, but we don't believe it should be an unreasonable burden. We have set our pricing to reflect that and, while still being reasonable, it provides adequate compensation for the hundreds of production hours that go into developing and presenting each of these quality programs.

Available Program Site Membership

When you purchase your first 30 Day Formula program you will be granted lifetime membership to this site (and to any off-site program websites). From time to time, membership will grant you special pricing, additional bonus offers, discounts, free trainings and other programs not available in the front end of the site. Be sure to login in order to see special member pricing on the home page.

Available Program Duration

Just as the name suggests, most 30 Day Formula programs are designed to run for thirty consecutive days, though you can work at your own speed, completing sooner, or later, as your time permits. You will find more about our 30 Day Formula programs including their structured format with a first day introduction, 28 learning moments designed for you to study one per day for 28 days, and then a final 30th. day wrap up. There is no mandatory end time for our programs and your access is long term. You may return at any time, and as often as you need or wish, to review, re-study, or continue with any program in which you are enrolled.

Available Program Off-Site Programs

Most of our programs are provided right here on this site but some of the larger programs, and those requiring special services we just can't deliver here, such as Wiz's WordPress Workshop, Content Creation Workshop, and NOBOXATALL, will be delivered through special stand-alone sites. These require special access, including separate membership. You will find these special access details on your student account page here on this site after your purchase.

Available Program Bonuses

Some course developers offer a number of glittery bonuses to attract you to their programs and convince you to sign up. We believe the price and quality of our 30 Day Formula programs alone would suffice to convince you to enroll right now and so we don't list any bonuses on our program description pages. We want you to enroll in our programs because of the programs, not because of yet another shiny object. That said, we're not scrooges. We do include bonuses in all our programs. We just don't promote or reveal them previous to enrollment. Students of our 30 Day Formula programs will find numerous bonuses among the program pages. Each of these bonuses adds to the value of the program, provides ancillary information or support to the topic at hand, and will also be available to the student should they elect to return later to partake in the bonus so as not to break the flow of the program itself.

Available Program Philosophy

The 30 Day Formula concept and this website are part of a joint venture undertaking between Stephen B. Henry, WordPress Wizard & Coach's Coach and Brett Koorstad, Mindfulness Coach & Presence Mentor . As such it embraces Wiz's "I Can" mission statement:

To give as much value as I can to as many as I can as often as I can for as long as I can!"

and Brett says,

Aristotle said it best when he wrote, 'Educating the Mind without educating the Heart is no education at all.' It is a holistic approach to learning and life that will take us where we want to go and ensure that we enjoy ourselves along the way."

We trust, as you explore more about our 30 Day Formula programs, including self-directed courses and tutorials, you will find them to be a valuable, and useful, professional resource which will bring you back to visit us again and again! Brett and Steve look forward to working with you as you focus on practicing presence and embrace your journey of success.

Available Program Identification

Each 30 Day Formula program includes a mixed selection often including online written, pictorial, audio, and video materials, and some with downloadable worksheets, documents, reports, and ebooks for your reference and work offline. Additionally programs include one or more unannounced bonuses from basic ebooks to full multi-video training programs.

Our Key To Course Icons identifies the icons shown with each course listing.

Key To Course Icons

30-Day Formula Email

Parts of this course sent by email.

30-Day Formula Printer

Self-study text may be printed.

30-Day Formula LiveChat

Live interaction with instructor.

30-Day Formula LiveStream

Live-streaming tutorials included.

30-Day Formula Audio

Includes one or more audio files.

30-Day Formula Video

Includes one or more video files.

30-Day Formula Download

Downloadable files, ebooks, reports.

30-Day Formula Certificate

Certificate available upon completion.

And that's more about our 30 Day Formula programs. CLICK HERE to see our available courses and tutorials.

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