WordPress Multisite 30 Day Formula™ Digital Learning Experience

WordPress Multisite (WP Training Vol 10)

WordPress Multisite is a built-in feature of WordPress that lets you build a community of WordPress sites all from within a single main site that you control. All the guesswork is removed with these videos. You’ll know what a multisite is, why you might want one and of course how to build & secure them.

WordPress Multisite 30 Day Formula™ Digital Learning Experience

THE Definitive Starter Course For WordPress
Learn From A WordPress Veteran That Does Not Speak Geek!

Did you know that many people who try to create a WordPress website or blog give up. Let me say it more clearly: a significant number of WordPress sites never get completed! Some of these sites were started by people who never even made their first post.

I really wonder about this, even thought I know it's true. You see, the thing is, WordPress accounts for over 60% of Content Management System (CMS) market share. The next competitor, Shopify, is only at 4.4%. However, in spite of these amazing numbers, many people tell me they get overwhelmed by what they see as an overly complex and difficult system. Many of those same people come back to me later saying the easier site builder they chose doesn't have the features they want or need, and became too pricey as their business grew.

Where do you stand in that equation? If you have already failed to create a WordPress site of your own, or you are thinking of giving it another try, or maybe you are looking at WordPress for the first time, pay close attention to the following...

I decided to create a WordPress training program that would make it so much easier for beginners to get started, and for intermediate and advanced users to discover the many wonderful things WordPress can do. There are 14 multi-video training volumes available. This is the tenth volume in that series. When you get access these new, up-to-date, training videos, you will discover the fastest & easiest way to learn and master WordPress! These shortcut strategies take you by the hand and lead you through the WordPress installation, setup, and creation process step-by-simple-step. Just follow along -- and you will be up and running in no time!

You see, the problem most people face is a lack of actionable instruction. Though powerful and feature rich, WordPress is free (open source) and has no major "newbie" support. There are lots of videos on You Tube and other places but finding the ones you need -- and cutting through all the technobabble can be daunting.

WordPress Multisite 30 Day Formula™ Digital Learning Experience

Look No More - Your Answers Are Right Here!!

It doesn’t matter if you are ‘technically challenged’. With these step-by-step video guides, simply watch over my shoulder as I show you..

I am going to give you a true no nonsense, complete blueprint literally anybody - no matter the experience or skill level - can understand and use to build a fully functioning WordPress site within no time. This is as close to a "total-beginner-proof" system you will ever find.

After subscribing to this course, all you have to do is click the links and watch the videos, then do what I do. And I am going to give you the best time saving shortcuts that you will not see anywhere else.

Some WordPress gurus want you to believe it takes time to set up a site on your own. But I am here to tell you it does not have to take much time at all. And I have often been told I make "geek speak" understandable in plain English.

Furthermore, there is no need to pay these so-called gurus hundreds or thousands of dollars for what you can do yourself. And trust me, you can do it. Now you can have access to this ENTIRE Set Of Easy To Follow, "Do-This-Then-Do-That" Step-By-Step Videos today! These extremely revealing videos cover everything you will need to be up and running with your own WordPress site immediately after you are done watching.

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